www.solutionsforall.com is a dynamic self-empowering forum designed to provide each of us with the wherewithal to effectuate change by our everyday decisions, actions, and choices that we make as individuals, citizens and consumers. It will provide insight and empirical knowledge as to how government “functions”; how its actions affect our quality of life and the cost of living; provide leverage-based solutions to assist and or compel government and businesses to be more responsive to the needs of society; promote sustainable agriculture, industry, and energy production and consumption; limit the misuse of public funds and ensure that public funds are used for their intend purposes.


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solutions to public and the private sector
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PLANETSOLUTIONARIES -- is a forum sponsored by Patrick Porgans & Associates, Inc., a solution-oriented research firm, which has been serving and protecting the interests of the public and its clients in the West for the past 40 years.  It activites have been funded by its earned income, which has simply been recycled back towards projects that are for the benefit of the common good and for the sustainability of our socioeconomic and natural resources, for ourselves and future generations. It does not receive or accept government grant funding.

A great deal of its effort has been to assist and/or compel government officials to fulfill their regulatory and public trust mandates to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources and the public’s economic propsperity, health and well-being.


It has completed hundreds of projects, more than 100 hundred fact-finding reports; that have been used specifically to improve the air, surface and groundwater, limited the misue of toxic chemicals, curtailed the destruction of watersheds while providing the means to improve their sustainability.

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Compelled government to comply with the law, reduced government waste, changed the way government conducted the public’s business, and exposed and corrected collusion and illegal activities of government and corporations by implementing leveraged-based solutions.